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Oklahoma Gardening

Garden Tips for June

David Hillock


  • Water deeply; one inch per application.
  • Cultivate and mulch.
  • Protect trees from lawnmowers and weed eaters by mulching or using protective aerated covers.
  • Vigorous unwanted limbs should be removed or shortened.  Forks in young trees can be corrected to encourage a central leader.
  • Softwood cuttings of new growth of many shrubs and trees can be rooted.
  • Remain alert for insect damage. Spider mites, fall webworms. Cutworms possible.
  • Pine needle disease treatments are needed again in mid-June.
  • Find someone to water plants in the house and garden while on vacation.  Harvesting vegetables and mowing the lawn are a must and imply that someone is home.
  • Pinch back leggy annuals to encourage new growth.  Fertilize and water appropriately.
  • Feed established mums and other perennials.
  • Stake tall perennials before toppling winds arise.


  • Fertilize warm season grasses.
  • Seeding of warm season grasses should be completed by the end of June.
  • Brown patch disease of cool season grasses can be a problem.
  • Post-emergent control of crabgrass and summer annuals is best performed on young plants.