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Oklahoma Gardening

Garden Tips of October

David Hillock



  • You can continue to replant or establish cool season lawns like fescue.
  • The mowing height for fescue should be lowered to approximately 2 ½ inches for fall and winter cutting.
  • Fertilize cool season grasses the first of October with a complete fertilizer at the rate of 1 to 1 ½ pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet.
  • Broadleaf weeds like dandelions can be easily controlled during October (HLA 6421 & 6601).



  • Plant cool season annuals like pansies, ornamental cabbage or kale, snapdragons and dusty miller when temperatures begin to cool.
  • Begin planting spring-flowering bulbs like tulips, hyacinths, crocus and daffodils.
  • Peonies, daylilies, and other spring-flowering perennials should be divided or planted now.
  • Dig and store tender perennials like cannas, dahlias, and caladiums in a cool, dry location.
  • Purchase trees from nurseries and garden centers at this time to select the fall color you prefer.
  • Plant container-grown trees and shrubs this month.
  • Check and treat houseplants for insect pests before bringing them indoors and repot rootbound plants.


Fruits & Vegetables

  • Dig sweet potatoes and harvest pumpkins and winter squash.
  • Remove green fruit from tomato plants when frost threatens.
  • There is still time to plant radishes and mustard in the fall garden.
  • Remove all disease and insect infested debris from the garden to prevent overwintering of various garden pests.